Abundant Life Wellness

Dr. Valerie Nelson, Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor
             Master Herbalist, Certified Natural Health Practicioner, Certified Nutritional Counselor

Full Evaluation for New Clients

You must be open-minded and come with a hopeful and positive attitude to be successful.  No skeptics, please.  It is imperative that you are willing to stick with a program that I put you on for a minimum of 3 months. The first step in healing is a decision from you that you truly want your life to be much better -- then we can work together with God's help.
Some individuals come because they want to maintain a level of good health. An ounce of prevention is certainly, certainly worth a pound of cure!  Ask anyone who has cancer if this is true.
Food For Thought --   Most individuals don't put a lot of thought into how much money they spend each month for transportation (cars).  Spending money on yourself is such a great investment.  Your car may only last a few years, but your body will last much longer (if you take care of it, that is).  Don't you deserve to feel good and have an abundant life in which you feel physically, mentally and spiritually dynamic?  I would rather have an older clunker of a car and feel physically, mentally and spiritually well.  Think about where you put your money -- into a car or into your health?  I would rather put my money into supplements and natural health and feel fantastic then to feel miserable, tired and in pain driving a fancy, expensive car. -- Just thought I would share that!
Take the time to listen to our radio programs (link above) and read our testimonies.  Hope to meet you soon to begin your healing process.

 Full Health Evaluation (approximately  1.5 hours)             $229.00       
If you are going to be seen in our office for examinations of any type, a new client consultation is required.  This does not apply for footbath sessions.   You can come for a footbath, massage or nutirional counseling without ever being seen for an appointment with Dr. Nelson.
During the initial consultation    Dr. Nelson will take a thorough health history, reviewing this in detail.  Appointment includes the option of a biofeedback analysis.  This is done through a biofeedback machine which determines imbalances in over 7,000 categories.  If you opt to have the biofeedback scan done, it is $25 and includes a customized homeopathy medicine based on the scan.   At times, we will utilized applied kinesiology (muscle testing).  An iridology exam is also included at no additional cost.  Food allergy testing is available for an extra charge of $125.  This is done through hair analysis.   You will have the opportunity to have a customized emotional support remedy that is made specifically for you. -- many times emotional healing is a necessary piece in the healing process.  At the end of the appointment, Dr. Nelson will give you a plan to get you on the road to natural health and healing.

If you choose not to have the biofeedback, she highly recommends considering the urinalysis.  Learn more here:   Learn about urinalysis
Click here to learn more about biofeedback.