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Food Allergy Testing Through Hair Analysis



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Hair analysis has emerged as one of the most valuable ways to determine food sensitivities (allergies).   Results from our Hair Analysis Report can provide a vivid picture of foods that have a weakening effect on your immune system.

How is this possible?   Hair is formed in the dermis from a cluster of matrix cells that make up the follicle. During the growth phase, metabolic activity is greatly increased, exposing the hair to the internal metabolic environment.   This includes the extracellular fluids, circulating blood, and lymph.   As the hair reaches the surface of the skin, its outer layers harden, locking in the metabolic products accumulated during this period of hair formation.   Hair is the second most metabolically active tissue and by the very nature of its formation as a biological sample, may provide a permanent record of metabolic activity occurring within the body during its period of growth.  This testing is the best test for food allergy done through hair analysis.  Food allergy testing by hair is becoming more popular for both adults and children.  We do this test for food allergies in our Pittsburgh office.

Hair has been a determining factor in identifying criminals and solving cases.  Hair analysis technology has greatly advanced in the past decade. 

Your hair sample will be tested on approximately 100 different foods and substances.   It can be done in the office by bringing 1 tsp of hair (close to the scalp) in with your visit.  We just need 1 tsp in total, with a portion of the sample close to the scalp.    If you are not close to our office, you can mail us 1 tsp of hair, along with payment of $199 (this includes shipping) and we will mail a report back to you, including your customized food allergy antidote.

If you are a current patient of Dr. Nelson's and/or you are coming in for an initial exam, we give you a $75 coupon for this service.


If you are interested in having this done via the mail, please email the Online Office Assistant at [email protected].com and we will give you the details.