Dr. Valerie Nelson

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor

Sinus Infections Gone, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Down and Weight-Loss  


The last day of my vacation I started to develop upper respiratory problems.  I thought that I had an infection and called my doctor’s office.  I had been having these symptoms and would get to the point I was missing work about every 6 to 8 weeks for the last year and a half.  The doctor would order an antibiotic.  After one or two rounds it would go away.  I would think that I had it licked and it would come back.  When I was a child I had problems with sore throats and colds from time to time.  Over the years, I would have frequent problems with bronchitis.  I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.  At that time I was told that anytime I started to get symptoms I needed to get treated or I would have problems again with getting pneumonia.  So I was very faithful in calling my doctor when the symptoms would start. This particular time my doctor would not prescribe an antibiotic.  I had to be seen.  I saw the nurse practitioner.  I had a virus.  I was not allowed to return to work.  I had a problem!!  A very big problem!  My employer had changed their occurrence policy.  I was at the point I was going to be put into disciplinary action.  One occurrence at the wrong time and I would be out of a job.  I also did not want to make my fellow co-workers sick or my patients sick.  

As a nurse I am exposed to a lot of illnesses and I didn't want to be the one to pass it on.  I was going to have to miss 3 days of work.  I had to be seen by employee health and they lengthened my time off.  I was told I was blowing bubbles in the back of my throat.  I had lost my voice.  I still was not put on any medication.  It had been 3 days since I had seen the nurse practitioner.  Employee health said I needed to be on an antibiotic and sent me back to the doctor’s office.  At this point it was mentioned that my immune system was down – that I needed supplements to boost it.  I returned to the doctor’s office.  I was told I didn't need an antibiotic that it was a group of four viruses that like to crop up about every 4 – 6 weeks.  The only thing that could be agreed upon was that I needed to boost my immune system.  

Employee health had given me some suggestions but when I went to the internet to order it there were 81,000 + sites for what they recommended.  I knew that I needed help.  I was desperate.  I contacted Dr. Nelson's office.    After an exam and some muscle strength testing, she put me on a footbath.  After the first 10 minutes my head started to clear and by the end of the treatment I was able to breathe easily, my voice had returned.  I only had a slight amount of sinus pressure.  It was the best I had felt in days.  

After having discussions with my boss and employee health, I decided I needed to follow up on Dr. Nelson's suggestions.  I never did get the antibiotics, only took the supplements that she put me on.  I started her weight-loss program.  The results after 6 months have been great.  I have more energy.  I have not missed a day of work.  I may have had a sniffle or two but the foot bath seems to help that.  My ears are no longer sore.  I have not had a bad case of heartburn.  I had one mild episode after going briefly off of the diet.  I have lost 27.8 lbs so far.   My cholesterol dropped from the 280’s to 131.  My blood pressure has come back down.  I have been told by my doctor not to take my blood pressure medicine for now and if I continue to lose weight I may be able to stay off it.  I have found Dr. Nelson's help invaluable.  This has been a big step for me with my traditional medical background.  I still feel that seeing your medical doctor is very important but I also feel we are too quick sometimes to dismiss the holistic and natural approach that can help us.  We need to be open-minded to both.  Thank you, Nelson,   I could not have gotten well without your help.  *


Karen Durham, Registered Nurse

Lawrence, PA